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The RAGAS metric is the average of four distinct metrics:

  • RAGASAnswerRelevancyMetric
  • RAGASFaithfulnessMetric
  • RAGASContextualPrecisionMetric
  • RAGASContextualRecallMetric

It provides a score to holistically evaluate of your RAG pipeline's generator and retriever.


The RAGASMetric, although similar to deepeval's default RAG metrics, is not capable of generating a reason.

Required Arguments

To use the RagasMetric, you'll have to provide the following arguments when creating an LLMTestCase:

  • input
  • actual_output
  • expected_output
  • retrieval_context


from deepeval import evaluate
from deepeval.metrics.ragas import RagasMetric
from deepeval.test_case import LLMTestCase

# Replace this with the actual output from your LLM application
actual_output = "We offer a 30-day full refund at no extra cost."

# Replace this with the expected output from your RAG generator
expected_output = "You are eligible for a 30 day full refund at no extra cost."

# Replace this with the actual retrieved context from your RAG pipeline
retrieval_context = ["All customers are eligible for a 30 day full refund at no extra cost."]

metric = RagasMetric(threshold=0.5, model="gpt-3.5-turbo")
test_case = LLMTestCase(
input="What if these shoes don't fit?",


# or evaluate test cases in bulk
evaluate([test_case], [metric])

There are three optional parameters when creating a RagasMetric:

  • [Optional] threshold: a float representing the minimum passing threshold, defaulted to 0.5.
  • [Optional] model: a string specifying which of OpenAI's GPT models to use, OR any one of langchain's chat models of type BaseChatModel. Defaulted to 'gpt-3.5-turbo'.
  • [Optional] embeddings: any one of langchain's embedding models of type Embeddings. Custom embeddings provided to the RagasMetric will only be used in the RAGASAnswerRelevancyMetric, since it is the only metric that requires embeddings for calculating cosine similarity.

You can also choose to import and execute each metric individually:

from deepeval.metrics.ragas import RAGASAnswerRelevancyMetric
from deepeval.metrics.ragas import RAGASFaithfulnessMetric
from deepeval.metrics.ragas import RAGASContextualRecallMetric
from deepeval.metrics.ragas import RAGASContextualPrecisionMetric

These metrics accept the same arguments as the RagasMetric.