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Evals in Production

Quick Summary

deepeval allows you to track events in production to enable real-time evaluation on responses. By tracking events, you can leverage our hosted evaluation infrastructure to identify unsatisfactory responses and improve your evaluation dataset over time on Confident.

Setup Tracking

Simply add deepeval.track(...) in your application to start tracking events.

import deepeval

# At the end of your LLM call
distinct_id="a user Id",
conversation_id="a conversation thread Id",
additional_data={"example": "example"},

The track() function takes in the following arguments:

  • event_name: type str specifying the event tracked
  • model: type str specifying the name of the LLM model used
  • input: type str
  • output: type str
  • [Optional] distinct_id: type str to identify different users using your LLM application
  • [Optional] conversation_id: type str to group together multiple messages under a single conversation thread
  • [Optional] completion_time: type float that indicates how many seconds it took your LLM application to complete
  • [Optional] retrieval_context: type list[str] that indicates the context that were retrieved in your RAG pipeline
  • [Optional] token_usage: type float
  • [Optional] token_cost: type float
  • [Optional] additional_data: type dict
  • [Optional] fail_silently: type bool, defaults to True. You should try setting this to False if your events are not logging properly.
  • [Optional] run_on_background_thread: type bool, defaults to True. You should try setting this to False if your events are not logging properly.

Please do NOT provide placeholder values for optional parameters. Leave it blank instead.

Track Events on Confident AI

Confident offers an observatory to view events and identify ones where you want to augment your evaluation dataset with.


If you're building an LLM chatbot, you can also view entire conversation threads via the conversation_id.


Enable Real-Time Evals

To monitor how your LLM application is performing over time, and be alerted of any unsatisfactory LLM responses in production, head to the "projects details" section via the left navigation drawer to turn on the metrics you wish to enable in production. Confident AI will automatically run evaluations for enabled metrics for all incoming events.