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Evals in GitHub Actions

Quick Summary

Confident AI allows you to monitor evaluation results in CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions, specifically on pushes to the repository. To set this up, simply execute deepeval test run within your workflow defined in a YAML file located in the .github/workflows/ directory of your GitHub repository.


Confident is currently integrated with GitHub Actions.

Setup Evals for GitHub Actions

deepeval tracks evaluations ran in GitHub Actions for push events only. To begin, define an evaluation dataset/test cases in a test file and execute it via deepeval test run in a GitHub workflow YAML file:

name: LLM Deployment Evaluations

# Make sure to include push events

runs-on: ubuntu-latest
# Some extra steps to setup and install dependencies

- name: Login to Confident
run: poetry run deepeval login --confident-api-key "$CONFIDENT_API_KEY"

- name: Run deepeval tests
run: poetry run deepeval test run

Your workflow file does NOT have to be same as the example shown above. In the example, we used poetry and GitHub secrets to store and access our API key, which is not a strict requirement.

Congratulations! With this setup, deepeval will automatically log evaluation results to your project's deployments page on Confident AI.